Hello there! Ready to go back to school?

School is back! Put your management hat on and get ready to spread the knowledge. Open and upgrade every aspect of your school, from classes and cafeteria to teachers and exams, make the experience a fun and educating one on your way to becoming the best High School manager!

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Put your thinking cap on!

Make the important decisions, will you upgrade your cafeteria or spend extra on customising and re-modelling your classrooms? You're free to carve your own path and shape your school in any way you like!

Pass with flying colours

Your actions will help achieve great results! Whether it's hiring the best teachers around or expanding the portfolio of taught subjects, your choices will have immediate impact on your school

A for Effort!

By making the right choices and increasing the school's performance you also increase its reputation which will in turn boost the school's funding, helping you to upgrade, hire, renovate, and spread the knowledge even more!

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